A proven methodology to determine the right plan for you and your family to achieve your financial goals.

As financial navigators, we provide the guidance and expertise you need to maintain, protect and grow your financial future. More importantly, we're life advisors, making your journey as successful and fulfilling as possible. PerfectScore is the roadmap we use to make sure you're constantly on track, so you can accomplish your life goals. First, ask yourself...

  • Will your investments outlive your life?
  • How will your investments and lifestyle transition into retirement?
  • Who will be your family's financial guide to protect and advise when you're no longer able?
  • Have you done everything possible to secure the future you want?

Answer 4 or 5 simple questions to calculate your score and find out now

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What are your long-term life goals?

(choose all that apply)
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So . How confident are you that your investments and financial affairs are well managed?

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Securing the future you want requires a smart, workable plan. What are you currently doing to reach your goals?

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1 / 10 I have a clear investment strategy that I'm disciplined about following. I also track my plan's performance regularly.
2 / 10 I have a diversified portfolio that includes many asset classes. My portfolio protects me in down times and maximizes my investments when times are good.
3 / 10 If something happened to me today, I have an estate plan to determine how and when my estate should be distributed, and how the tax consequences will be managed.
4 / 10 I have a strategy to manage concentrated stock holdings that I haven't sold due to my concerns about capital gains taxes.
5 / 10 I have a cohesive financial plan with strategies for managing and growing my net worth and cash flow, while minimizing my estate and income taxes.
6 / 10 I have made long-term care financial and living arrangements.
7 / 10 I have a transition plan for my business and the resources to execute it.
8 / 10 I'm retired/retiring and have a plan for making my cash flow last for my lifetime.
9 / 10 I continue to keep the proper risk management/liability insurance plans and policies in place.
10 / 10 I have carefully reviewed and updated my financial plan within the past five years.
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Have you worked with a financial and investment advisor in the past?

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What's most important to you in a relationship with your wealth advisor?

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What would be most important to you in a relationship with your wealth advisor?

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The Wescott PerfectScore program is a proven method to help you achieve more of your goals in life. And because we're constantly reevaluating your score, we can keep you on the right track for success. Trying to be 100% prepared for your financial future will never be easy, but our PerfectScore methodology can help deliver the future you envision.

Find out how your PerfectScore was calculated and learn how to improve your score with The PerfectScore Plan, a financial checklist to make sure you're pointed in the right financial direction. Just provide your email address below to get started.

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