Matthew T. Regan

Matt Regan is Wescott’s Chief Operating Officer.  As a member of the firm’s Management Committee, he plays a critical role in guiding the firm’s growth, defining and implementing firm policies, and ensuring that the firm’s clients, employees and shareholders are served in a manner consistent with firm values, policies, rules and procedures.

He is a member of Wescott’s Sales, Marketing, and Finance Committees and serves on the firm’s Portfolio Strategy Group, which oversees the ongoing due diligence and evaluation of Wescott’s investment managers and strategies.

Prior to joining Wescott, Matt co-founded and managed the brokerage business of WR Hambrecht + Co., which provides underwriting and advisory services for technology-focused and emerging growth companies concentrating on accelerated and disruptive growth.

Most recently, he was a consultant to Vanguard, where he designed and executed a plan to reorganize the existing retail business structure and created a strategic risk framework for enterprise level transformation.  Matt’s early career included various positions in the financial industry.

He received his bachelor’s degree in British and European history from St. Michael’s College, The University of Toronto, and his master’s degree in American history from Villanova University.

Matt resides in Berwyn, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah Regan, and their three chlidren.

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